What is the Need?

Incarceration is a growing problem.

1 in 100 American adults are in jail or prison The US is leading the world in incarceration of adults with 2.5 million inmates.

Incarceration is expensive.

The average cost of incarceration per inmate is $30,000 and is going up faster than state budgets can meet.

Incarceration alone is not effective.

In 2008, 41% of total admissions to Colorado prisons were people who had been revoked from parole and returned to prison. Of this group, 73% were returned due to a technical violation of their parole.

What really works?

  •     Education
  •     Vocational skills training
  •     Alcohol and Drug treatment
  •     Mentoring/Aftercare
  •     Counseling including Co-Occuring
  •     Cognitive Based Therapy Program
  •     Experiential Therapy and Outdoor

  • Research shows that recidivism decreases when service-oriented supervision focuses on the individual deficits that are related to criminal behavior, for example, addiction, employment problems, unstable living environments, and pro-criminal attitudes.

    Transformed Lives

    "I went hiking and overcame a fear of trust"

    "I enjoyed life for once in a long time and trusted my life in someone else's hand. I learned to trust myself and others in my life."

    "I know now that I can still have a good and fun time without using drugs."

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